The world is moving to Digital, more and more services are delivered online: Daily Papers, Banking, Education, Machines talk to each other, intelligent transportation and smart energy grids are developed and your personal data is in some cloud. While a lot of focus has been on Innovation and New Technology, there was little discussion so far on what impact all this has on supporting our Sustainability goals. Not only from the ecological perspective, but also from the economic and mainly social perspective. One of the key questions in all this development is not yet fully answered: How does the ongoing move towards a digital world contributes – positive or negative – to a more sustainable world? Or in other words: Is a more digital world always more sustainable? What are the key focus areas to look at, what are the opportunities but also the challenges? How does the Society at large support all this?

This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the different emerging concepts in the innovative area of sustainability and digital technology. More than 20 leading thinkers from the fields of digitalization, strategic management, sustainability and organizational development share clearly structured insights on the latest developments, advances and remaining challenges concerning the role of sustainability in an increasingly digital world. The authors not only introduce a profound and unique analysis on the state-of-the art of sustainability and digital transformation, but also provide business leaders with practical advice on how to apply the latest management thinking to their daily business decisions. Further, a number of significant case studies exemplify the issues discussed and serve as valuable blueprints for decision makers.

 > The leading publication to examine the holistic concept of Sustainability in a world where Technology plays a stronger role every day

> A unique combination of Key Researchers and Practitioners share their views on opportunities but also potential challenges for Business and Society

> A key help for Business to prepare for future developments and for Academia for potential research

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About the editors


Prof. Dr. Thomas Osburg is Professor for Sustainable Marketing & Leadership, Dean of Studies for ‘Mobility Management’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ at the Fresenius Business School. In 2015  he founded the Strategic Advisory firm ‘proVoix’ and in 2018 the ‘Trivelas Institute’, an International Research ThinkTank and Strategic Advisory.

For more than 25 years, Thomas worked for global IT companies (Intel, Autodesk and Texas Instruments). He is on the Board of Directors for ABIS (Academy of Business in Society, Brussels) and is frequently teaching MBA classes on Technology and Innovation Management, Strategic Marketing, Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship and CSR at leading Universities across Europe. Thomas has published several books on Social Innovation and CSR Marketing and written over 30 scientific contributions for leading European journals.



Christiane Lohrmann is Managing Director at the Heraeus Bildungsstiftung, a non-profit foundation in Germany and committed to responsible, long-term thinking and action in the field of education.

For 20 years Christiane was responsible for Marketing Strategy and PR for FOCUS Newsmagazine with Hubert Burda Media. Her expertise is in Marketing, Strategy, CSR, Education and Learning. She holds an MBA Sustainability and CSR from Leuphana University Lüneburg and an M.A. in American Studies, Communications and Political Science from Ludwig Maximilian University Munich.

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