Advising companies how to create Trusted Innovations in sustainable, urban and mobile environments

Our believe

We are convinced that a continuous move to urban living and the upcoming changes in how we move in cities will have a significant impact on all businesses. Not only for companies offering solutions for SmartCities, SmartHomes or eMobility. Changes affect all companies.

The challenge

People and Citizens are increasingly overwhelmed with New Technologies and start to loose trust in institutions. A lack of trust, however, is a serious hurdle to business and brands. It will become more and more important to develop solutions that people trust. Trusted Innovation. And of course, Sustainability needs to be embedded in all solutions. Without even specifically mentioning it.

The Need for Change

The above developments require a new mindset and thinking of how to approachinnovation. Currentconceptsarenot sufficientanymore. Wecanhelpyou tounderstandthecurrentprocessandprepareyourbusinessforthefuturein an urban, mobile andsustainableworld.

       We can support you in developing Trusted Innovation for Urban Living  and Future Mobility

Overview of approach

Understanding Strengths and Opportunities

  • Current Technology Developments
  • Relevance for Business
  • Radar7® Tool for Scanning
  • Complexe Stakeholder & Influencer Relationship Mapping

Redesigning Innovation Process & Strategy

  • Analysis of current Innovation Process
  • Tools to generate ideas
  • Benchmarking and Opportunities
  • m4® Technology Adaptation Process

Developing Innovation Scaling and Marketing Concepts

  • Scaling of internal and external Innovations
  • Specifics of Innovation Marketing
  • Intra-Company Chasm-Concepts
  • Development of Trust for target customers and citizens

Including Entrepreneurship and EcoSystems

  • Harnessing Collaboration potential with StartUps in OpenInnovation settings
  • Establishment of ORA® Tools (Open Research Agreements Framework)
  • Specific Focus on Intrapreneurship (Company Culture)
  • Concepts for implementation and Cultural Change Management

Why Us? Our Expertise.

Dr. Thomas Osburg has deep and global experience in all areas he is advising on. A short list of experience

  • 28 years of Management Experience at Global IT Companies (Texas Instruments, Autodesk, Intel)
  • International Experience in the U.S., France, China and Germany
  • Strategic Focus on
    • Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Management
    • Innovation Processes and Change Management
    • Global Entrepreneurship Competitions (ChallengeUp!, etc.)
    • Corporate Communication and Branding

In addition, I work with an extensive network of international professionals in virtual teams and select needed support for advisory projects on an as needed basis.

Last but not least: Advisers, not Consultants.

An advisor has deep knowledge across multiple disciplines and has experience in working in several functions. The role of the advisor can be compared with a mentor or guide around a wide scope of subjects and differs categorically from the scope of a task-specific consultant. Advisors identify issues (or tasks in general) before they become a problem and share their opinion and insight with the stakeholders. They raise their concern in an adequate way and help to address work items in order to clear out the “threat” of not engaging in this particular activity.¹

A consultant is engaged in fulfilling pre-defined terms such as solving problems or underlying constraints. These terms are defined by a sponsor or stakeholder and usually, the consultant is presented with a task after the need to solve a particular problem has already been identified. In rare cases, a consultant is used to replace a management position temporarily until a long-term replacement has been hired.¹

Our Structure

All Advisory and Coaching Services for Business are performed by Provoix GmbH, the StartUp Services are bundled under the TrinnolaNet (Trusted Innovation Laboratories) brand. Click on the buttons below to go directly to the external site.


More information: Please contact or go directly to ProVoix GmbH


¹ reference: Christopher Isak / TechAcute

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