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proVoix is a Company Advisory supporting and developing strategic company directions with the implementation and execution of Leadership Think Tanks©. These are selected groups of people, internal and external, combining and contributing their knowledge to a common goal. proVoix is orchestrating the process of selection, implementation, management and dissemination of the teams. The whole process is driven by an internally developed steering-wheel concept that describes the different process phases of a Leadership Think Tank©.

proVoix is also including proprietary research (through Trivelas Institute) into the process and using self-developed management tools (i.e. the Radar7® Tool for Scanning or the m4® Technology Adaptation Process) within the Leadership Think Tanks. The result is a concept that is supported by internal structures, knowledge and culture – combined with state of the art external knowledge based on significant research.

   Trivelas Institute

Trivelas Institute is a Research Think Tank with a focus on generating applicable knowledge. A small (selective) part of our work is original scientific research, while the majority of insight comes from a META-approach of combining publicly available or authorized research material, customized in a way different than before. ‘We take the dots that are already available and connect them differently.’ explains founder and CEO Prof. Dr. Thomas Osburg.

With this approach, a wide range of existing know-how can be made available to proVoix and  transferred to companies quickly and within a lean structure. In addition, Trivelas Research will be available online and can be customized for interested companies and institutions upon request.

Trivelas Institute currently has three main research focus areas:

  • Societal Dimension of Innovation and Digital Transformation
  • Sustainability and Business Foresight
  • Urban Living and Future Mobility

For Strategic Guidance, Trivelas Institute is currently establishing a global Board of Advisors and started to build a resilient network of supporters and partners. Trivelas Institute is 100% owned by proVoix GmbH.


The goal of moovBeyond is to help StartUps scale ideas with innovations, that people can trust. Innovations, that make the life of the people better and improve the state of this world. It is about innovations within ecological and social sustainability but goes beyond a narrow focus. We support all StartUps. 

If you have an idea and want to scale – come and talk to us. We support you along the whole process of creating and scaling your company:

  • Finding the challenge and based on that, the idea
  • Optimizing potential solutions
  • Ask critical questions
  • Development of Value Proposition
  • Optimization of Investors Pitch Contact to Business

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SidiSociety (non-profit)

We believe that a future societies need to be Sustainable, Innovative, Digitalized and Integrated.

SIDI Society is an international NGO, dedicated to initiate, bridge and scale urban and rural development in the 21st century. We will provide Sustainable Education as a non-profit Development Aid in Academia and Business.

For this, we bring together stakeholders from all sectors to develop an understanding for current problems and develop strategies to address them.



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