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Thomas is an internationally sought after speaker with excellent reviews and feedback. In his keynote speeches and panel discussions, he focuses on the huge potential that Digital Transformation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship offer and attempts to stimulate and inspire the audience. His approach is above all to ask new questions. Thomas focuses on impulse-inputs that encourage and demands reflection among the audience.

Why you should invite Thomas as a Speaker for your next event?

  • Thomas talks about Technology, and focuses on the People who use it.
  • Thomas gives many best-practice examples, and concentrates on the Business Case behind it.
  • Thomas talks about Sustainability, and integrates the needs of the Customers.
  • Thomas gives a Vision for the future, and describes the Change Management process needed.
  • Finally, Thomas provides new knowledge, but above all he wants to inspire the audience and make them think.

Key topics might deal with (but are not limited to) …

  • Innovation
    • New Opportunities and Challenges for Innovation
    • Innovation Concepts and Processes
    • Innovation and roles of Customers
  • Digital Transformation
    • Digital Readiness of the organization
    • Roadmap for Transformation
    • Change Management in digital times
  • Sustainability
    • SDG’s as Opportunity for Innovation
    • CSR and Digital Responsibility
    • Using Digital Solutions for ESG 
  • Future Mobility and Urban Living
    • How will Cities determine our future Mobility?
    • Where do Smart Cities and Connected Cars meet?
    • Changing paradigms and huge implications 
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Developing StartUps and EcoSystems
    • Collaboration StartUps and MNCs
    • Social Impact Business and Social Entrepreneurship

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