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Thomas is an internationally sought after speaker with excellent reviews and feedback. In his keynote speeches and panel discussions, he focuses heavily on the huge potential that digitalization offers and attempts to stimulate and inspire the audience.

His approach is above all to ask new questions.  Thomas focuses on impulse-inputs that encourage reflection. “Pure knowledge transfer is important, but not sufficient,” he is convinced. The audience should continue to think and apply what they have heard once they are back home.

Numerous up-to-date and relevant best practices from business, from well-known companies to surprisingly successful start-ups, complete the picture of a successful presentation.

His lectures are extremely customer-oriented and adapted to the respective situation. In terms of topics, one focus is on effects of digitalization on business models. This includes inspiration for new businesses, relevance for branding and management, for radical changes in the innovation process and for eye opening facts about new technologies. Beyond the pure technology, however, the acceptance and impact on customers and citizens are always important in his speeches. “New solutions often lead to a loss of institutional confidence among the population. Many times, innovations are not understood by the citizens and it remains unclear, how they can offer concrete added value,” says Thomas.

Major topics for keynotes include (but are not limited to):

  • Innovation
    • New Opportunities and Challenges for Innovation
    • Innovation Concepts and Processes
    • Innovation means Customers adopting….
  • Mobility and Urban Living
    • Changing Paradigms and Implications
    • Where do Smart Cities and Connected Cars meet?
    • Future requirements of mobility and new ways of urban living
  • Sustainability
    • SDGs as Innovation Opportunities
    • CSR and Digital Sustainability (CDR)
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Developing StartUps and EcoSystems
    • Collaboration with MNCs
    • Social Impact Business
  • Management and Marketing
    • Corporate Communications and Brand Management
    • Marketing for Innovations and Scaling potential
    • Trust as basic ingredient in Digital Worlds
    • International Leadership and Change Management

For all inquiries please simply send an email to thomas  at  thomasosburg.comI am looking forward to your feedback!

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