Focus topics of Prof. Dr. Thomas Osburg


  • Digitalization is everywhere, it’s like gravity. Like it or not. The key question will be: How do we make best use of Digitalization to make this world a better place and create positive impacts for every person on earth? Read more >


  • The term Sustainability is around for ages. It had and still has a significant ecological component, but we will see tremendous shifts towards social sustainability. Social sustainability has had considerably less attention in public dialogue than economic and environmental sustainability. Social Sustainability (or Sustainable Human Development) can be understood as promoting the capabilities of present people without compromising capabilities of future generations (Armatya Sen). Read more >


  • Innovation is key for every organization to survive and thrive. But often, it is seen as a means in its own, without a clear direction or purpose (other than making money). However, the true power of innovation lies in giving it a direction. Innovations need to be focused on solving socitetal challenges, to create true shared value and generate impact for the people. This also creates trust among citizens. Read more >


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